Introducing Partner Edition

Nobody else gives you greater control and visibility into campaigns and client management.

Partner Edition is here

The functionality you’ve asked for to take better control of your campaigns and improve client management has arrived.

A clear line of sight

The new client management capabilities let you quickly check client health, activity, and campaign performance.

Customer Health Score

Keep an eye on the action

Use the campaign management dashboard to view and measure the aggregate activity and performance of campaigns across all your clients.

Campaign Management

Bundles of joy

Create custom bundles to organize campaigns for easy reference and to quickly share with specific clients.

Campaign Bundles

Customize campaigns at scale

The campaign deployment feature empowers you to set up and quickly share pre-built campaigns to multiple client apps with a click of a button. 

Campaign Bundle Edit and Deploy

Save yourself some steps

Configure apps to sell to your clients through a single URL. This saves you time, streamlines the way you sell the app to your clients, and how you install campaigns.

Hear what our Partners are saying 

Watch the demo video to find out how Infusionsoft Partner Edition is going to change the way you do business. Or, if you’re ready...